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Superior TENCEL Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheet 2 in 1 Product (WHITE & COLOURS)

Superior TENCEL Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheet 2 in 1 Product (WHITE & COLOURS)

Superior TENCEL Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheet 2 in 1 Product (WHITE & COLOURS)

From £28.00

Revolutionary 2 in 1 Product, soft SUPERIOR Tencel fabric, permeable, breathable with fully waterproof silent membrane, machine wash & tumble dry at 60 degrees. Available in Colours and Deep Skirt.

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    Option   Price Qty
    EXTRA DEEP SKIRTS - nb up to 15 days delivery      
    Add Deep (High) Skirt 26-40cm £3.90
    SMALL SINGLE (mattress size 2'6 x 6'3 / 75 x 190cm)      
    Small Single 2'6 £28.00
    EURO SMALL SINGLE (mattress size 2'6 x 6'6 / 75 x 200cm)      
    Euro Small Single 75 x 200 £28.00
    UK SINGLE (mattress size 3'0 x 6'3 / 90 x 190cm)      
    Single 90 x190 £29.90
    EURO SINGLE (mattress size 3'0 x 6'6 / 90 x 200cm)      
    Single 90 x 200cm £29.90
    CONTINENTAL SINGLE STANDARD (mattress size 3'6 x 6'3 / 100 x 190cm)      
    Continental 100 x 190 £32.99
    CONTINENTAL SINGLE LONG (mattress size 3'6 x 6'6 / 100 x 200cm)      
    Continental Single Long 100 x 200 £32.99
    UK SMALL DOUBLE (mattress size 4'0 x 6'3 / 120 x 190cm)      
    Small Double 120 x 190cm £36.99
    EURO SMALL DOUBLE (mattress size 4'0 x 6'6 / 120 x 200cm)      
    Euro Small Double 120 x 200 £36.99
    UK DOUBLE (mattress size 4'6 x 6'3 / 135 x 190cm)      
    Double 135 x 190 £39.99
    EURO DOUBLE (mattress size 4'6 x 6'6 / 135 x 200cm)      
    Euro Double 135 x 200 £36.99
    KING SIZE (Mattress size 5'0 x 6'6 / 150 x 200cm)      
    King size 150 x 200 £42.00
    SUPER KING (mattress size 6'0 x 6'6 / 180 x 200cm)      
    Super King 180 x 200 £49.00



    Superior Intelligent Bed Linen (Not Polyester)

    For the first time Waterproof protection = comfort

    Reg. 11119859

    Soft, Stretchable Waterproof Sheet Technology

    Colours available



    2 in 1 Top Quality Fitted Sheet & Protector in 1 soft waterproof product

        • No other sheet or mattress protector required
        • Comes as Standard elasticated skirt (to fit mattress depth up to 25cm) 
        • Deep Skirt fits mattress depth 26cm - 40cm (extra cost - see prices and ordering)
        • Ideal for all types of mattresses
        • Perfect solution for all ages
        • Recommended for all incontinence users OR as a regular bed sheet
        • Gives peace of mind that your mattress is fully protected
        • Sizes available from Crib to Superking
        • Manufacturer Quality Guarantee


                Soft & Strong - Does not compromise the comfort of the mattress.

                Noiseless - Produced using the latest development in noiseless virtually undetectable membranes


                Maximum comfort, ideal for sensitive skins, moisture evaporates.  Absorbs more moisture than cotton and dries more quickly, helping to control humidity in the bed and avoiding bed sores.

                Thermoregulatory - The coolest in summer and the warmest in winter


                Fully Waterproof - Molecular structure acts as a waterproof, yet breathable barrier which allows for optimum moisture absorption without effecting body temperature.


                2 Way Stretch - perfectly adjustable, accommodates any mattress thickness.  Ideal for all types of mattresses


                Breathable - Technical textile that acts like a second skin, impermeable.


                Dust Mite Barrier - Forms a barrier against dust mites & allergens.  Clinically proven to be suitable for those with sinsitive skin, eczema, asthma and rhinitis


                Antibacterial - Dermofresh with tencil has been proven to reduce bacterial activity in 24 hours.

                Environment Friendly - 100% natural textile. Responsibly produced consumer product.  99.5% of the solvents used are recovered and reused.


                Machine Wash - 60 degrees (Guaranteed for 400 washes)

                Tumble Dry  - 70 degrees


                Energy Saving - Quick drying, savings in time, electrical power, water, detergent, fabric softner.


                Tencel - made using wood pulp from sustainable sources, all by products are biodegradable.  Contains no pesticides or agricultural chemicals

                100% Tencel* Reg 11119859


                 For a colour sample, please enquire by email.

                Also Note:

                Some colours and sizes may take longer to be delivered.  If out of stock in UK, these will take up to 15 working days to arrive directly from Spain.  We use 2 companies that produce these products, and it will be left entirely to our discretion as to which product is shipped.  BIB (BSensible and BNott) and Stainguard (Delis)



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