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B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel) £39.99

B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel) £39.99

B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel) £39.99


Optimum Sleeping Comfort. Moisture Management. Ideal for Sensitive skins

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    Unbeatable Quality & Comfort

    The utimate combination of two complimentary fibre fillings, Tencel by Lenzing and Suprelle Eco by Advansa, provides eco friendly, climate controlled and optimum comfort.

    • Optimum Sleeping Comfort
    • A Moisture management system resulting from the Nano fibres in Tencel and the good air circulation properties of Suprelle which enables the maximum storage of moisture and quick release into the environment, therefore guaranteeing a fresh dry sleeping area.
    • The outer fabric is smooth and soft, with natural antibacterial qualities ideal for sensitive skins
    • Static free fibre, no electrostatic build up.
    • Produced by an Eco friendly production with in built sustainability.
    • To complement the B.Nott Duvets and pillows ask for the B.sensible Tencel Eco friendly waterproof bedding range.




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