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When making a purchase on-line, always buy from a reputable, established retailer, with registered trading premises.  Remember, on-line traders can come and go using various names and your guarantee is only as good as the trader. Make sure you read the 'About us' & Terms and Conditons of sales before making your purchase.

If we have not covered your query in the information provided below, you can email us on sales@bedsforeveryone.co.uk and we will respond asap.


 AMT - Adaptive Movement Technology

Adapting to movement is key to seamless sleep

People turn approximately 30 to 60 times during the night, so it’s logical to choose an active mattress that helps you move more easily and with less effort.

Each time you move in your sleep you use energy – AMT reduces the amount of energy you need to use, so using less energy means you wake up feeling more refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead!  

Allergy - Many people suffer from allergies and skin irritations such as asthma & eczma.  These allergies may be caused or become more severe by dust mites living in our furnishings.  Some modern materials have properties that are now used in mattresses and covers that greatly reduce the amount of dust mite and therefore helps to improve the environment in which we sleep and live. The materials are designed to reduce or minimise the possibility of an allergic response. Visit our bedding category.

  Also see hypoallergenic.

The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.  Smart Fibres are endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house dust mites.

Aloe VeraWorks by utilising body moisture to activate the aloe vera particles, helping to keep you cool in a natural way.  It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.  Prevents itching and reduces temperature.  Helps the body eliminate toxins and strengthens the immune system.  Ideal for asthma sufferers and those with problem skin, such as psoriasis.  The nourishing ingredients of super-soft aloe vera are very good news for skin.  They not only protect, they also regenerate, stimulating new skin growth.  Meanwhile, the natural gel gently cleanses the skin and protects it against the damaging effects of the environment.


Back Care -

Lower back pain can be caused by sleeping on the wrong mattress. If mattresses have no back support it can lead to poor sleeping posture and will not help keep the spine aligned - this is a major cause of lower back pain. Mattresses that offer poor support will also cause sleep discomfort so making sure you have chosen the right mattress for your individual requirements is very important.

There is no specific type of mattress for a person with a bad back.  Any mattress that helps someone sleep without pain and discomfort is the best mattress for that individual. Good mattresses for back pain should provide support while allowing for the natural curve of the spine. A recent survey has discovered that medium-firm mattresses offer more back pain relief than firm mattresses.  Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm exerts additional pressure on the back, resulting in more back pain for some people.

A balance between sleep comfort and back support is the key, the overall comfort of a mattress is equally as important as sufficient back support, sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause aches and pains on pressure points. A medium-firm mattress may offer better comfort as it allows the hips and shoulders to sink in slightly.

Remember to shop for quality and not for price.  Quality mattresses come with better spring systems and more luxurious  fillings therefore the comfort/support mix is easier to obtain.

Bedstead bases - Metal & wooden frame bed bases come with wooden slats.  Some have sprung wooden slats which give a more comfortable feel.  In the past mesh and metal slats have been used, but most are now manufactured with the sprung wooden slats. 

Bedsteads and BedframesCan be made of Wood or Metal and can be Upholstered in various materials ie Leather, Damask, Chenille etc.  Bedsteads and frames are sold without mattresses to enable the user to use a mattress of their own choice.  They have either slatted wood, sprung slatted wood or mesh mattress supports.

Bed MOT -

Five or more 'Yes' answers and it's definitely time for a new mattress

Is it seven years old or more?

Would it be embarrassing if the neighbours saw it without the covers?

Does it make suspicious noises in the night?

Did you have your best recent night's sleep in a bed other than yours?

Are you waking up more frequently unrefreshed and aching?

Do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally?

Do you have enough space to sleep comfortably?

Is it sagging?

Are the legs worn out?

Does it appear fresh?

Does it feel lumpy in the night?

Five or more 'yes' answers and you FAIL

Bonnel Coil Spring Unit - The word "bonnel" itself means a kind of "spring" used in spring mattresses. These mattresses are manufactured using springs units. Steel springs are attached in bonnel spring mattress to each other with helical wire which gives strong spring structure. The better quality of mattresses provides better stability and flexibility which gives rise to the demand of the product globally for bedding products. Therefore right choice of mattress benefits you with perfect sleep system to support your spine cord of your body.  This type of Traditional coil spring is cheaper to make than a Pocket Spring.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2253419

Bunk Beds  - Are usually made from wood or metal.  The can come in various sizes and can accommodate up to 3 people (triple sleeper - 1 single and 1 double mattress).  Although most bunkbeds accommodate standard single size mattresses there are some junior versions around which will take smaller junior size mattresses.

Top bunks are not recommended for children under 6 years old.

Bottom bunks are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

There are also High Sleeper beds.  These have a high sleeping platform with storage or desks etc underneath.

Brands - There are many brands of beds and mattresses.  Some are well known through advertisements on TV or magazines.  However,  there are many more British manufacturers out there with just as good products but at cheaper prices.  When buying a mattress it is worth trying out in a showroom so that you can get a feel for your own requirements.  Metal and Wooden bedsteads are more commonly imported nowadays and these can be easily purchased on-line from pictures.


  • If you buy British you get the best quality beds in the world.
  • A British bed, especially if it’s made by a member of the NBF, is more likely to meet the UK’s stringent fire safety regulations which are among the toughest in the world
  • Buying British protects UK manufacturing and British jobs


Cashmere & SilkNatural top quality materials that provide a sumptuous resilient sleep surface used in the very best quality mattresses. Natural fibre filled mattresses may require turning more regularly so that the fillings are rediistributed evenly.

Choosing a Bed/Mattress/Cost - The average life span of a mattress is around 10 years, in fact most people only sleep on 5 different mattresses throughout their lifetime. Since one third of your life will be spent in bed, it is well worth purchasing the best one that your budget will allow.  Remember that comfort is very subjective and we would strongly recommend that you visit your local stockist to try a few out before you buy.

If you share your bed with a partner it is important that you try the bed together to ensure you are both comfortable and supported.

Don’t just sit on the edge and bounce up and down, actually lie down and stay there for five minutes or more. Do not be embarrassed about lying on the beds in the showroom – that is what they are there for!

Its worth making sure the dimensions of any base and mattress sourced separately are compatible, two kings might not be quite the same size.

Cocona Technology -




Cocona® Natural Technology™ is a patented process that uses natural active particles from nature to enhance the performance of fabrics. Billions of active micro porous Cocona® particles provide 800% more surface area to spread moisture and help accelerate evaporation to keep you dry. Cocona® technology is contained inside the fibre itself so, unlike topical chemical treatments, it will not wear out or wash off.


Cocona® Natural Technology™ increases the performance of your sleep system to keep you dry and comfortable for a better night’s rest and rejuvenation. As you sleep, your body produces one ounce of moisture per hour...Cocona® fabric actively dries this moisture to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Cocona® Natural Technology™ is exclusive to Breasley in the UK for use in our mattress production and features throughout many of our ranges.

CoolmaxA highly permeable knitted, stretch fabric with excellent heat regulating properties, which takes moisture and excess heat away from the body, creating cool, dry and comfortable sleep.


Depth or height of a Mattress - Nowadays this can vary greatly.  The average depth is around 8 inches (20cm) but can range from as little as 6 inches (15cm) to as much as 12 inches (30cm).  The deeper the mattress (Traditional and Pocket Sprung) the more sumptuous fillings, making it more luxurious.  However, with a memory foam, visco foam or latex foam, these can be a more average depth due to the product make-up.

Divan Sets - Consist of a base and mattress (a set).

Divan Base The 3 types of base are: Platform, Firm Edge and Sprung Edge.  The base can be shallow on legs or deep on casters or glides.  A deep base can have the options of drawers, a slide-store (sliding doors) or ottoman base storage. 

Divan Base Only - Make enquiries if you only wish to purchase just a new base.  Independent retailers will sell you just the base. Some retailers can make a base to your individual requirements.

Dermofresh - A technical textile that acts like a second skin, fully waterproof (Impermeable), yet breathable, moisture evaporates.  The latest development in membranes.  Bedding Industrial Beguda, S.L. (BIB) have produced a waterproof fabric bonded with Tencel called Dermofresh.  The result is a completely natural two way stretch, noiseless fabric which does not cause temperature rises, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.  So soft to the touch it does not compromise comfort.  It is the only natural fabric that totally reduces the bacterial activity in 24 hours.  When used as a sheet or cover it becomes a physical barrier that prevents against dust mites and allergens. 

Double sided mattressThe traditional method of manufacturing.  Lavish layers of quality fillings and upholstery are placed on both sides of the mattress springs, for ultimate comfort.  Traditional mattresses with coil springs will require turning to ensure their longevity.

Dual Pocket TM - Two tier pocket sprung system for superior support.  Each spring is sewn into an idividual pocket, allowing each spring to move independently and respond to the body's every movement and contour.

DuplexTwo layers of Bonnel springs: twice as many as a traditional mattress, for extra support.  Duplex is an Airsprung registered trademark.

Duraspring TM-  13.5 gauge spring system with high tension wire for increased performance.


Easyresttm Pocketed Spring SystemEasyrest is a barrel shaped pocketed spring system.  The unique barrel shaped springs are wider round the waist allowing them to telescope inside themselves without being compressed.  This allows full flexing of the spring and ensures that the mattress cradles your body providing the correct spinal support.  The Easyrest spring ensures that the sleeping surface adapts instantly and silently to your every move.  Instead of being stitched into individual pockets, Easyrest use non-allergic, non-moisture absorbent pocket material for each individual spring allowing the pockets to last longer and naturally provide a healthier sleeping environment.

Edge Guard –  A high density foam strip placed inside the edge of the mattress springs, prevents the mattress from sagging and gives both longer life to the mattress and a firmer sleeping area.

Edge-2-Edge –  The outer springs in the mattress are fastened to a steel rod running all around the perimeter.  This means that the whole of the surface of the mattress can be used as a sleeping area with less risk of rolling off.

Enhanced Mattressunderside prevents slippage and movements on slatted bases


Firmness - Some manufacturers have a firmness guide of 1 - 5, from soft to very firm and others use Soft, Medium or Regular, Medium/Firm, Firm and Ortho-Firm.  However, the decision of which firmness is best is down to individual's choice and body weight. No matter which firmness you choose, you get what you pay for, so always pay as much as your budget will allow to get the best value. Trying out in store is always the best way to shop.

Firm Edge - A complete spring unit encased in a timber frame which gives the bed a firmer feel.

Firm Top - Also known as 'Platform' top  or hard top divans contain no springs and creates a firmer feel to the mattress. Some bases are upholstered and cushioned. The choice of mattress will determine the degree of support required.

Flag Stitched Handles - These extra strength handles are securely stitched to the mattress borders. They are provided to help ONLY when the mattress needs turning on its base. Carrying the mattress with the handles is not recommended due to the weight  of the mattress.

Foam EncapsulationA foam casing enveloping the mattress springs, giving a luxurious feel to the whole sleeping area without loss of support. Usually found in Pocket Spring mattresses.


Gel Foam - All the benegits of traditional memory foam.  The Gel memory foam is made of gel beads that are infused into memory foam.  This creates an open cell structure that promotes air movement.  The heat from the body dissipates instead of collecting in your mattress, helping the body maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.  Gel memory foam cradles the body, so painful pressure points are eliminated, giving relief and helping one to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Grades - Mattress torsion (Firmness) is sometimes graded from 1 - 5. 

  • 1 = Soft/Medium
  • 2 = Medium
  • 3 = Medium/Firm
  • 4 = Firm
  • 5 = Extra Firm


Guest Beds - Guest beds are a great idea for the smaller bedroom.  They store an extra occasional bed for visitors and are great for children's sleep overs. Also See Trundles.


Hand side Stitched Borders - The ultimate addition to a pocket spring mattress specification. Hand side stitching strengthens the mattress borders, allowing the full width of the bed to be used. Highly skilled craftsmen and women do this work as it is very labour intensive and a sign of real quality.

Hand Tufting - Due to the volume of upholstery materials in top quality mattresses, it is necessary to ’tuft’ the mattress. This means passing a tuft (cord) through the mattress, effectively locking all of the loose materials safely in place. The tufts are completed with either woollen rosettes or felt collars depending upon the model. The length of tufts used influences the tension of the mattress.

High Sleeper - This has a high sleeping platform similar to that of a bunk bed but the underneath can accommodate desks or storage.

High Loft - Abundance of fillings are used on top of the spring unit to form a raised loft affect.  This amount of fillings gives a softer more luxourious feel to the mattress.  Similar to a pillow-top mattress.

Hypoallergenic - properties reduces allergies, resistant to dust mite etc.  Modern materials are designed so that they have a decresed tendancy to provoke an allergic reaction.  View our own choice of hypoallergenic mattresses  HERE . 

"Hypoallergenic"- adjective.

Definition: non-allergy producing. A term applied to a preparation in which every possible care has been taken in formulation and production to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions. (Blakiston's Medical Dictionary)

ALSO View our Hypoallergenic Range of Bedding


Independent springs -  Independent spring movement creates your personal sleep zone.

Individual springs - Moulds to your body shape for individual comfort.

Integra TM - Continuous spring system provides resilient comfort and support.  Prevents roll off and roll together.



Kingsize Mattress -

  • Kingsize -  W 150cm x L 198/200cm
  • Euro King - W160 x L198/200cm
  • Superking - W180 x L198/200cm

NB: Length can vary by 2cm dependant upon manufacturer's specifications.


Linking - The linking of 2 separate divan bases or split bases together to create one base.

Latex - Superbly comfortable ventilated Talalay TM latex which is ventilated for ultimate luxury. A natural product. 


Machine Stitched Borders - This process reinforces the mattress borders, enhancing the visual appeal.

Mattresses - A choice of Traditional open coil, Pocket sprung, High Density Foam, Memory Foam, Latex Foam and combinations of Memory foam/Pocket sprung and Latex foam/pocket sprung.

Mattress Fabric - The mattress fabrics, or "tickings", as they are known in the trade are usually made of High quality jacquard, damask, knitted and chenille type fabrics. These give a comfortable feel to the mattress. Each of these tickings are colourfast and extremely hard wearing.

Mattress Sizes -

Mattress Sizes


Single (Small)

2’6" x 6’3" (75 x 190cm)

Single (Standard)

3’0" x 6’3" (90 x 190cm)

Double (Small)

4’0" x 6’3" (120 x 190cm)

Double (Standard)

4’6" x 6’3" (135 x 190cm)


5’0" x 6’6" (150 x 198/200cm)


6’0" x 6’6" (180 x 198/200cm)


Euro Single (Small)

2’6 x 6’6" (75 x 198/200cm)

Euro Single

3’0 x 6’6" (90 x 198/200cm)

Euro Small Double

4’7" x 6’6" (140 x 198/200cm)

Euro King

5’3" x 6’6" (160 x 200cm)

Memory Foam - Memory foam or Visco elastic is a quite recent introduction to mattress making. Developed by the NASA space agency, to provide comfort for astronauts, it moulds to the contours of your body, helping to relieve pressure points. Memory foam works best at temperatures in excess of 20 degrees C. Most manufacturers combine memory foam with springs, to provide the best of both technologies. The product is available in different degrees of density for firmer and softer sleeping surfaces.

Memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as "visco-elastic" polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam (see LRPu). Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. A lower-density memory foam is pressure-sensitive and moulds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it, returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed.

Memory Foam/Pocket Sprung - This type of mattress has the best of both worlds.  The memory foam for comfort and the pocket spring for ideal support.

Mesh Base - Mesh bases can sometimes be found on metal bedsteads.  These are perforrated metal sheets upon which a mattress is placed.  These are more commonly being replaced with sprung slatted bases.

Micro-QuiltA more contemporary method of securing the mattress fillings where the top comfort layers are quilted together to provide a smoother looking sleeping surface.

Micro-TuftA method of upholstery achieved using a modern quilting machine to give appearance of a hand-tufted mattress.  This gives less indentation to the sleeping surface than is the case with a hand tufted mattress.

Midi Bunks or Sleepstations - These are great for children and smaller rooms.  They are not as high as a bunk bed but have a higher sleeping platform with a ladder or steps.  Storage underneath can be small wardrobes, drawers, desks or even just a play tent.

Multilayer Upholstery - In these days of allergies, the deep layers of non-allergenic material provide extra comfort and peace of mind.


No or Non Turn Mattress –   Modern methods of mattress construction now allow, "single sided’’ mattresses to be produced.  These do not require rotating regularly, however, top to toe turning will extend the life of the mattress.


Open SpringDouble heat treated springs to retain shape and height. Rod edged for longevity and edge to edge support. Springs are linked across the mattress for even weight distribution.

Organic Cotton - Natural cotton cover

Ortho - support.  Taken from the word orthodpedic or orthopeadic which means to do with the joints or spinal column.  An ortho mattress means it is very supportive for the spine.  This does not mean it has to be very firm or hard, the mattress can still have a soft, regular or firm feel but still be very supportive.  In most cases, a regular feel mattress gives a much better sleep performance than that of a very firm mattress.  However, the feel of the mattress is entirely up to the idividual taste.

Orthopedic Advisory Board -  seal of approval.  Sealy Posturepedic are the only sleep systems endorsed by the world renowned Orthopedic Advisory Board.

Ottoman - An Ottoman bed gives great storage with style. The bed has a lift and store base for maximum storage. Usually the base is a firm top but more expensive ranges have sprung slats. Most have a balance lift mechanism for ease of opening.

OutlastTM - Unique climate regulation technology originally developed for NASA, used to regulate temperature and improve comfort.  Outlast works by absorbing excess heat, storing it and releasing it when the body requires, resulting in a constant microclimate where one sweats less and is less chilled.


Overweight - Being overweight doesn't mean you have to compromise on comfort.  A strong supoortive base with a ortho pocket sprung mattress should help.  Look for a mattress with as many pocket springs as you can afford and also a good degree of upholstered topping over the springs.  There are many out there.  Some with a small amount of memory foam and other with natural fillings.  Don't be shy about trying out mattresses in a shop.  That is what they are there for.  Lay on the bed or mattresses fully, don't just feel or sit on the edge.  Lay for a few minutes so that your body and mattress temperatures even out.  After trying a few, you will start to realise which ones are the most comfortable for you.  Choosing a mattress should not be a quick decision.  Make sure you test a good range in the shop.  Most shops will have a good range from economical to expensive.  Whatever suits your pocket, ask the sales person to show you those.


Panel Quilting - Sophisticated machinery sews through all the upholstery layers on each mattress panel. These panels are laid on to the spring unit, and then attached to the mattress unit to produce exceptional value for money mattresses.

Pillow Top Mattress - This resembles a slim pillow that has been sewn onto the top of a traditional mattress. Special non- allergenic foam is used in some Pillow Tops. This gives a softer feel to the mattress whilst retaining a firmer support beneath the pillow top.

Platform Top Base - Platform top or Firm Top (hard top) divans contain no springs and creates a firmer feel to the mattress.  Some bases are upholstered and cushioned.  The choice of mattress will determine the degree of support required.

Pocket Spring –  Considered the best. The most luxurious in feel and the ideal body support.  High count pocket spring units with the extra feature of inset strip edges.  Invidual springs allowing for individual comfort.  Memory Foam/Pocket Sprung mattresses are a combination of both.  The memory foam giving the luxury feel and the pocket springs the ideal support.

Pocket Spring mattresses start with 800 pocket springs and can be made with as many as  3000 (in a 150cm or 5ft King ).  Most references to 'how many springs in a mattress' the amount will relate to a 150cm or king size mattress.  The higher the pocket spring count the better all over support as each individual pocket spring will adjust to the weight distributed.

Posturelinetm Spring SystemPosturelinetm is unique to Dorlux Beds and has an interlinked system of one continuous piece of wire.  The springs run from head to toe which results in exceptional individual support, eliminates roll together and adapts to the natural shape of your body.  With three times the springs than an ordinary bed, the Postureline spring system is especially suitable for bedsteads and frames and the higher the spring count gives a more individual and long lasting support.

PosturepedicR - Registered trademark created by Sealy, manufacturer of mattresses. Sealy Posturepedic are the only sleep systems endorsed by the world renowned Orthopedic Admisory Board.

PostureTech Spring System/Triple Offset Spring SystemSealy’s unique mattress spring systems.  The "offset" cool design enables the springs to follow the line of the sleeper’s body due to their unique independent hinging action.

PoweredgeTM - Open Coil Spring System with heavy gauge perimeter springs help prevent roll off.

Pure White Fibre - A dust free filling that also provides a very comfortable feel to the mattress.


Quilted -   Quilting is the stitching that keeps all the layers of fabric together (sandwich).  The stitching design can be simple or fancy to enhance the appearance of the product.


Responsive pocket springs - Pocket springs are held under tension for responsive support


Silk and Wool -   Superior natural materials are used to produce a high quality mattress.

Special size mattresses can normally be made every 3 inches in length and width.  There is usually an extra charge for this and you may have to wait a slightly longer period when ordering.  This is due to the factory having to make changes to the 

machinery enabling them to produce special sizes.
Foam mattresses are much easier to have made in special sizes and are ideal for use in caravans etc.,

Small single and small double sizes may be available in certain models – please ask your retailer for more information.

Electric Adjustable Mattress Sizes

Small Single         75cm x 200cm                   2ft 6in x 6ft 6in
Single                    90cm x 200cm                   2ft 11in x 6ft 6in

Slatted Bases - The majority of metal bedsteads feature sprung slatted bases for superior support.  Some wooden bedframes feature solid slatted bases.  Both allow air to circulate under the mattress.

Sleep -

The Good Night sleep guide from the Sleep Council 

Sleep is an evolutionary and biological necessity, as well as one of life’s great pleasures

•Sleep activates the healing process and re-hydrates spinal discs

•Sleep allows the brain to do maintenance, archiving, data processing

•Sleep strengthens the immune system

•Sleep facilitates your emotional reload

•For children and teenagers it is the ONLY time that they grow as growth hormones are only released when we sleep

However it is the quality of sleep that you enjoy that is vital to your health and wellbeing which is why choosing the right bed is actually even more important than exercise and diet.

How many hours sleep do you need at night? That’s down to the individual, but the general consensus of opinion is that no-one feels great when they don’t sleep well. What is important is the quality of sleep you achieve to awaken feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

If you are getting disturbed sleep because you are tossing and turning or rolling into your partner, or waking up with aches and pains, then it’s probably time you changed your mattress. Or perhaps your bed may still feel pretty comfy, but you can’t help thinking about all those dust mites which may have also found your mattress very inviting over the years!

Often, people don’t notice the gradual deterioration in their mattress until their sleep is severely affected, so your bed should be checked regularly for wear and tear and to ensure you have the correct level of support.

If you really want to get the best possible night’s rest so you look and feel at your best, The Sleep Council recommends you start to think about replacing your bed after seven years.

“Even after seven years, your bed may look okay but it may not be giving you the support or comfort you need for a healthy, refreshing night’s sleep”.

The Sleep Council’s website offers lots of tips and advice on everything to do with sleep, including buying a new mattress www.sleepcouncil.org.co.uk. Answer their questionnaire to see if your bed passes their MOT...

Sleigh Beds - This is a style of bedstead that has curved angled Head and Foot ends to create a feature of the bed.  Some have scroll shaped ends.  They can be made in wood, leather or upholstered.

Smart FibresSealy Smart Fibres technology guarantees a cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping environment that also eliminates house dustmites and have been endorsed by Allergy UK. This is delivered through two essential elements.  Firstly, PutotexR microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress to reduce mould and moisture - a 100% natural solution for a fresh, hygienic and dustmite free mattress.  The unique, patented technology neutralizes and cleans up 100% of the dust mite allergens, de-hydrates the bed's microclimate so that house dust mites lack essential water and stops the growth of fungi and suppresses noxious bacterial colonies with not bacterial immunity or antibiotic resistance.  Tencel fibres optimize the absorbtion of moisture with excellent cooling properties and guarantees that the sleeping area remains pleasantly dry - thus enhancing sleep.

Spinal Alignment -  Our bodies are not uniform. A zonal support sytem provides greater "push back" support to areas of the body where weight is concentrated (such as the lumbar region) and is softer in others.

Spring Tensions - Most mattresses are available with a choice of firmer or softer spring tensions. A 13.5 gauge sprin unit is soft to medium and a 12.5 guage spring unit is firmer and often classed as orthopedic.  Pocket sprung mattresses have special support strengtheners placed, one row of springs inside the mattress, to maintain the mattress shape.

Stichbonded fabric - The ultimate non woven that look like a woven fabric. A fabric that has unlimited uses in many different industries. It gives you everything you need in a fabric and shows design and color extremely well when printed. It has high strength, durability and is air permeable.

Stress Free - Stress Free refers to the material used to cover the mattress (also known as the ticking).  Technology has produced new materials that are stress free, meaning that they will keep shape for much longer.  Even those materials that have a stretch quality, will return back to shape quickly.

Storage OptionsSingle slidestore, double end slidestore, 2 drawer, 3 drawer (standard and end), 3  drawer (continental and standard), 4 drawer, 2+2 drawer (continental and standard), 1 drawer (large end drawer) & Ottoman base

Storage Options

Our divan bases can incorporate storage drawers in various configurations to suit your preferences and your room.

2 Drawers

The 2 drawer option provides generous storage towards the foot of the bed.

4 Drawers

The 4 drawer divan optimises all available space under the bed for storage. Two adjacent drawers run down the length of the bed on each side.

4 Drawers Continental

Consider this option where furniture may prevent you from opening a full drawer at the head end of the bed.

OTTOMAN beds have maximum storage with a lift mechanism for ease of opening.


TencelEco-friendly Tencel by Lenzing.  100% natural hygenic nano fibre, soft as silk & smoother than cotton.  Fibres help keep you cool and dry by optimizing the absorption of moisture with excellent cooling properties and guarantees that the sleeping area remains pleasantly dry.  Tencel is 100% organic as is extracted from wood pulp. All by-products of the process are biodegradable.  The wood used comes from tree farms that practise sustainability and therefore is environmentally friendly.  99.5% of the solvents used are recovered and reunsed.

Botanic principles of TENCEL

Photosynthesis - Lenzing fibres are extracted from plants, which convert carbon dioxide and water into wood and pure oxygen by means of photosynthesis.

Water Management - The water management of the plants is important for the ecosystem as a whole,  due to nanofibres, TENCEL can store a great deal of maoisture and then release the moisture quickly into the environment.

Sustainability - TENCEL production contributes 30% less to the global warming potential than cotton.  With TENCEL the land use is 5 times less than with cotton.  TENCEL production needs 20 times less water than cotton production.

The Cycle of Nature - TENCEL is produced from wood and therefore are 100% natural and biodegradable.  Nature returns to nature.

Topper - An extra layer placed on top of a mattress to add maximum comfort BUT should not be used to promote longevity of a mattress 7 or more year old.

Trundle - A Guest bed frame that folds down to fit underneath a bedstead.  Slides away on casters.  Extends to a full height frame.  Usually takes up to a 7inch mattress.

Two-Turn - Original Two-turn mattresses are still available.  The fillings and cover which are used on both sides have been updated with more modern materials.


Upholstery layersCashmere, silk, wool, latex, visco memory foam


Ventilators -  Ventilators, usually brass or plastic are inserted into the mattress borders allowing air to circulate freely through your mattress so moisture can escape.  The newest type of ventilator is a strip is stitched into the side border of the mattress.


Waterproof - Special coated material is used on mattress and divans to make them fully waterproof.  Used widely in care homes and youth hostels and is Ideal for both children and the elderly, where bed wetting is a problem.

WOOL - Pure lamb’s wool, what more can we say! This natural product assists your mattress to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.




Zip & Link - The zipping of 2 single mattresses together and 2 single bases together to create a King or Superking Divan.  This option provides a choice of having 2 single beds or one large bed.

Zonal Support - Sealy Zonal Support System provides greater "push back" support to areas of the body where weight is concentrated (such as the lumbar region) and is softer in others.  This 'Zonal' approach helps to support and align the spine in its natural shape and reduces the aches and pains you may encounter on lesser mattresses.





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