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Luxury Pillow

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B-Nott Pillows.  The ultimate combination of two complimentary fibre fillings, Tencel by Lenzing and Suprelle Eco by Advansa, provides an eco friendly, climate controlled and comfortable sleeping environment.

These pillows do not lose their shape even after washing and tumble drying - in built sustainability.

  1. enlarge image B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel)

    B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel)

    Optimum Sleeping Comfort. Moisture Management. Ideal for Sensitive skins. Static Free. NO POLYESTER. Wash and Tumble at 60 degrees without lumping. Once you've tried these, you'll never buy a cheap pillow again. THIS PILLOW WILL LAST FOR YEARS.