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Bedding Industrial Beguda

A New Dawn in Bedding for Everyone



BIB manufacture specialist sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, duvets and pillows.  The use properties made from natural fibres in their weaves to create their luxurious bedding products.  Recently they have expanded their factory and upgraded their machinery to enable them to produce greater volumes as the sales increase.  BIB are also introducing Zinc Oxide into the Tencel yarn for all the B-Sensible products (Smartcel Technology).  Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral and essential trace element for a healthy body.  Smartcel combines regenerative and skin protective effects with hygeinic properties.  This new fabric provides fresh effect odour reduction, antibacterial and anti dust-mite properties.

  1. enlarge image 2 in 1 Coloured Single Pillow Case & Protector with Tencel

    2 in 1 Coloured Single Pillow Case & Protector with Tencel

    Zipped, Fully Waterproof, Stretch, allegy barrier, Wash & Tumble, GREEN product. Single item product.
  2. enlarge image Duvet Cover & Protector (Environmentally friendly 'Tencel' product)

    Duvet Cover & Protector (Environmentally friendly 'Tencel' product)

    Zipped Duvet Cover & Duvet protector, Fully waterproof, yet breathable. ONLY available in white. Anti-allergenic, Machine washable & tumble dryable.
  3. enlarge image B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel)

    B-Nott PILLOW (Suprelle & Tencel)

    Optimum Sleeping Comfort. Moisture Management. Ideal for Sensitive skins. Static Free. NO POLYESTER. Wash and Tumble at 60 degrees without lumping. Once you've tried these, you'll never buy a cheap pillow again. THIS PILLOW WILL LAST FOR YEARS.
  4. enlarge image DUVETS  (Superior Quality - Suprelle & Tencel)

    DUVETS (Superior Quality - Suprelle & Tencel)

    Better than feather and down. Quality sustainable product, Lightweight, Natural thermo-regulatory, Anti-allergenic, Anti-bacterial, Machine wash and tumble dry. All sizes can easily fit into washing machine and Tumble dryer. NO more trips to the Launderette.